mardi 7 août 2012


To begin with, novitiate is a period of transformation in which a Novice is helped to purify(discern) his call (into a mutual vocation) to religious life.
To the Assumptionists, it is a nest of the congregation where young zealous men hatch into good religious brothers ready to become priests for the extension of the Reign of God.
On 26th June 2012, we, five young but strong men reached Arusha-Tanzania to prepare ourselves for Novitiate that was to begin on 1st July 2012. We are Patrick Mwendwa from Kenya, Peter Sakawa from Kenya, John Paul Awino from Kenya, and Morris Gitau from Kenya and Joachim Ssentongo from Uganda.
Like any spiritual journey would require spiritual fuel, Father Arnold Lukombola, Assumptionist, led us into a three day retreat which was marked by its climax in a Eucharist celebration in the chapel of Kizito House and led by the Regional Superior Father, Simon NJuguna Waweru who accepted us officially to begin the Novitiate. It was on that Sunday evening 1st July 2012, in the presence of Father Richard Brunel, the former Novice master, Father Yves Kaghoma, the current Novice master and a witness of other priests not forgetting Father Boniface Mutahi who is the postulant master in East African Region other brothers and sisters from the great family of the Assumptionist. New Novices, we were given Sacramental’s of the congregation which are: the Ivory cross, a sign of membership in the congregation and an identity of Novice, the Rule of life to guide them in the rule of saint Augustine and the constitution of the Assumptionist congregation and finally the Rosary as a sign of love of Blessed Virgin Mary our mother. At the end of the mass, we had a wonderful and precious celebration as we were congratulated for the efforts we had so far made to reach to that level of Novitiate and we were encouraged to remain focused, united in love of Jesus Christ so that we may have a fruitful transformation of life into Christ like.
We offered the voted of thanks to all who have helped us to come this far and in a special way Father Boniface Mutahi and Father Peter Omwuyo who accompanied us throughout postulant period. We also thank the Regional Father Simon Njuguna who, on the behalf of the congregation, welcomed us officially and handed us over to safe and saved hands of the Novice master Father Yves Kaghoma. Finally, we look forward to enjoy the Novitiate and equip ourselves with spiritual weapon that is Prayer to guard us against the devil in life now and after.

By Novice Joachim SSENTONGO,
Kizito House Arusha/Arusha
Augustinian of the Assumptions
East African Region/Province of Africa

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