mardi 5 mai 2015


FF. Simon, Protais and Jean-Marie MESO

May Day, also known as International Workers' Day or International Labour Day, is a national holiday in almost 80 countries of the world. This day is dedicated to a holy man whose name is Saint Joseph. Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster-father to Jesus Christ, Saint Joseph is the patron Saint of all  the workers.
To mark this International Labor Day which coincides with the Feast day of  Saint Joseph the worker, The Assumption of the Eastern African Region, made up of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda has celebrated the official installation of Father Jean-Marie Meso as the New Regional Superior who is taking over after Father Simon Njuguna.
Taking place in Emmanuel House, this great celebration started at 5 pm with the Eucharist which was presided over by the Provincial of Africa, Father Protais Kabila. First of all, he officially welcomed Father Jean-Marie Meso in his responsibility as Regional Superior of East Africa region for three years. Secondly, he congratulated Father Njuguna for the great work he has done in the Region during his mandate. During his homely the Provincial took this opportunity to provide a number of advices to the assembly and mostly to Father Meso.
Fr. Meso, you have been our provincial for two terms. So you know that spiritual leadership is the opposite of what most of people think. Spiritual leadership is servant leadership. You are not to be served but you are called to serve your brothers assumptionnists, your sisters Oblates of the Assumption, to serve our alliance religious and lay. Here the recommendation of our congregation: to live the spirit of full communion with all brothers under your responsibility, to build strong unity, strong family, confidence, friendship in liberty, relationship of heart to heart, fraternity without borders and true collaboration. Do this with the R.F, E.S of d’Alzon. Give joy, peace to your people. With your team, try your best to show the true image of an assumptionnist. Your duty today is to give your life as a ransom for many like Jesus did (Matthew 20:28). Jesus was most definitely a leader. But he did not lead by giving out orders or by supervising. Jesus led by being a servant and serving alongside of His followers”.
In the light of the above statement, the Provincial insisted that the New Regional Superior should adopt the virtue of ‘humility’, an attitude that places the sheep ahead of the leader. This attitude depicts that the Regional Superior will be considering his religious more important than himself. He added saying that people usually want to follow a person who serves alongside them and sets an example for them. They also want their leader to listen to them and to apologize when something has gone wrong.
After the provincial’s homely, Father Meso took the opportunity to present  his co-workers. His counsel is constituted by: Fr. BARASA Jacob WELIKHA (first assistant), Fr. KIARIE NDUATI John (secretary), Fr.  KASEREKA MUKOSA Eric (Treasurer), and Fr. KIZITO VYAMBWERA Henri. His formation commission is formed by:  Fr. BAHATI Antigon (superior of the formation), Fr. MUTULIRANO LWAYIVWEKA Jean-Marie (secretary), Fr. Gilles Blouin, Fr. KASEREKA SALAMU Germain and Fr. KATUNGO LUKOMBOLA Arnold will be members of the formation commission.
Those who attended that event are, as follows: the three assumptionnist communities of Kenya - Katua, Djiru and Emmanuel House – and some of the Oblates sisters of the Assumption from Katua. The ceremony that started with the Eucharist, ended with the sharing of a fraternal supper in the dining room of Emmanuel House community.


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