vendredi 11 septembre 2015


Gilles Blouin is celebrating Golden Jubilee
Assumptionists ! Saint Augustine is our patriarch. To my knowledge, this statement does not newly appear at the sight of the Augustinians of the Assumption. All of us are absolutely aware of that. This is the reason why I intend to share with you how my heart was full of joy to celebrate the saint Augustine day 2015. Saint Augustine, called ‘Augustine of Hippo’ was born in Thagaste, current Algeria, in North Africa (354). Augustine was a brilliant young man whose early life was wild and unsettled. He was converted by the prayer of his mother Saint Monica and baptized by Ambrose, bishop of Milan, in 387.  After his conversion, Augustine decided to live an ascetic life. In Africa, he became Bishop of Hippo. That is when they started calling him Augustine of Hippo. He wrote many treaties that present an exceptional theology and spirituality and have had great influence. According to him, the two dimensions, faith and reason, should not be separated nor opposed, but rather go forward together. In the Contra Academicos, III, 20, 43, he wrote after his conversion, that faith and reason are ‘the two forces that lead us to knowledge. In the Sermons 43; 9, he expresses again the coherent synthesis between faith and reason: Crede ut intelligas that should be translated into “believe so that you may understand”.

Fr. GILLES BLOUIN rejoice with his younger brothers
Saint Augustine day is the day that the Lord has made. Marked by a golden jubilee and a renewal of vows, our community of Emmanuel House really rejoiced. Father Gilles Blouin (Canadian), missionary in Kenya and member of the community, was, as already pointed out, celebrating his 50th anniversary of his profession in the congregation. Four brothers: Blaise, Emile, Jean-Claude and Fabrice took also the same opportunity to renew their vows. The ambiance in the community was so colorful. The mass started in the evening, at 18h00. It was presided over by father Gilles, the jubilerian. He was surrounded by 6 priests ‘Three Asumptionists, one Montfort and two Palautins. In his homely, Father Gilles, focused on love: God is love. We mention the presence of the Religious of the Assumption and the Oblates of the Assumption. Many other religious from the neighborhood attended also the celebration. After the Eucharist, all the participants were hosted a cocktail party in the dining room to celebrate the day.

            Here is a brief story of father Gilles, our jubilerian. He was born in Quebec (Canada) and entered the alumnate in the next town from where he was born. His novitiate was in the USA (1964-1965) and studied theology partly in Europe and in Quebec. His ministry was mostly in pilgrimage centers (Canada and Jerusalem) and in formation houses (Canada, Philippines and now in Kenya). May God bless Father Gilles and remain his guardian for the rest of his life in the congregation and here on earth.

                                                                       Br. KATHEMBO TSONGO Dieudonne a.a

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